General Technology Support for All Ages 

Services include but are not limited to:

Man Hands On Keyboard
Library Tutor


My specialty is providing kind and patient general technology tutoring. I create a judgement free space where there are NO silly questions. I am happy to help no matter your experience level or age!

General Tech Support

I am able to assist with any household or business tech issues, including: sudden phone or computer problems, wifi booster not working, printer not printing, etc.

Data on a Touch Pad


Looking to purchase some new tech soon? It can be daunting to choose a new computer or phone for a good price, so let me help you find the perfect fit.

Data Transfer/Recovery

I can assist in doing a proper data transfer from old devices to new ones, and help you try to recover lost files.


Contact Me

Remember, there are no silly questions. Please give me 24 hours to respond. 


Thanks You!