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Client Testimonials

I contacted Zach Klaiman for help to recover pics on my very dead iPad and have them transferred to my Mac laptop. He responded quickly, told me he could do it, and came to my home where, within minutes, he did exactly as promised... His skill was remarkable; and his affability and ease did not make me feel like a dithering senior citizen...

Ellie R.

Zach has been a great resource for us. He is reliable with appointments, skilled with computers and agreeable to work with. He knows how to speak about computers and programs to people who don't understand much about them. He is willing to come to our house, or to help remotely as needed. Highly recommend him!

Andrea G.

Zach is extremely personable, reliable, knowledgeable and reasonable. I contacted him on the advice of next door. We made an appointment and he was right in time and easily diagnosed my Mac problems. Also helped me with a few other issues. I highly recommend him. He is helping me with purchase of a new Mac and will transfer and set up new Mac. Please support him as he is from a local family.

Lois C.

Ztech has helped me better understand all of my devices, learn new tricks, and even make me more confident in my abilities. I can always rely on Zach to help me solve any problem I encounter patiently and with easy-to-understand steps. I recommend him to everyone who needs help with their technology.

Terese K.

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